#367 Job van der Voort | Founder & CEO remote.com


Our guest today holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychonomics and a Master of Science in Cognitive Neuroscience. He earned both degrees at the University of Amsterdam. He previously worked as a neuroscientist before leaving academia to become the VP of Product at GitLab, the world’s largest all-remote company, where he hired talent in 67 different countries. He is a sought-after presenter, speaking on topics related to scaling a remote-first startup, remote culture, and the future of work. In his main job he is the CEO and Co-Founder of REMOTE, a company that empowers other companies of all sizes to pay and manage full-time and contract workers around the world - no matter where they live and work.

For more than five and a half years, we have been looking at how work strengthens people - instead of weakening them. In more than 360 conversations, we've talked to over 400 people about what has changed for them and what needs to change further.
We are quite sure that it is important right now. Because the idea of "New Work" was developed during a real crisis. Knowing how to work remotely is not new work on its own, but what we all learned through the Corona crisis can be an important accelerator on the way towards the future of work. We are looking for methods, role models, experiences, tools and ideas that bring us closer to the core of New Work! In addition, from the very beginning we have been concerned with the question of whether all people can really find and live what they really, really want in their innermost being.

You are at On the Way to New Work - today with Job van der Voort.

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