#398 Björn Keune und Pete Byrne | Unternehmer und Breathworker


Our two guests today are …. No, stop. This episode needs a different intro because before we recorded it, we went through a special experience together with our guests. We experienced a Breathwork Session that left a lasting impression on both of us. Now, if you're rolling your eyes and thinking, "What the heck is this doing on a Future of Work podcast?" … please read on or even better listen in right now. You will experience an entrepreneur and investor who slipped into a deep mental and physical crisis despite his great success. You will also experience another person for whom one label is not enough. Facilitator, Mentor, Artist, Singer-Songwriter and Breatwhorker. Together they have founded a company that aims to use breathing to make us healthier and happier.

For over 6 years, we have been exploring how work strengthens people - instead of weakening them. In almost 400 episodes, we have talked to interesting and interested people about what has changed for them when it comes to work and what needs to change further. We are quite sure that it is important to talk about "New Work" right now, because this idea was developed during a real crisis. New Work starts with each and every one of us and the issue of health is part of it. So what can we do to turn the ever-increasing pressure into positive energy, and what role does breathing play in this? We are looking for methods, role models, experiences, tools and ideas that bring us closer to the core of New Work! In addition, from the very beginning we have been concerned with the question of whether all people can find and live what they really, really want in their innermost being. You are with On the Way to New Work - today with Björn Keune and Pete Byrne.

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